The Clinic (2001)

Director : Keith Alan Morris
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Casey Clark as Joe, Jeff Auer as James, Heather Carnduff, Darrin Fitzgerald as Bill, Nicole Higgins Karlyn Benson, Becca Blackwell, Jessica Burr, Guy Camilleri as Dr. William J. Slater, Paul D`Addario, Blythe Frank, Addison Golladay, Nicole Gregory, Inna Krieger, Kevin Leech, Christina Livesey, David McMahan, Keith Alan Morris, Alice Moss, Alexis Neophytides, Jennie Russo, John Samon, Arnold Schrader, Jay Strell, Barbara Strnadova, George Stumpf, Malin Söderlund (as Malin Johansson), LG Taylor, Zdravko Toic, Ari Tomais, Gregory Van Grunsven, Rachel Vancelette, Andy Waldschmidt, Jesse Weidinger, Katherine Workum, Jim Yue
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language :
The Clinic is a motion picture with features to an underground support principal as the breached hearted. Two filmmakers are on the seek of the infamous Dr…
The Clinic is a show just about an underground healing elemental since the contravened hearted. Two filmmakers are on the enquiry of the infamous Dr. William J. Slater, PhD., best-selling person who wrote it of "Screw Moving On" as in any case as "I`m OK, You`re the One F$$*ed inside the Head." The medical examiner is a not easy woman to catch. Through his assortment of dedicated followers, the filmmakers script Dr. Slater`s wacky peculiarities since accomplishing way over a failed relationship – such for Stalker Therapy as in any case as Abduction Therapy, to cite a few. As they see numerous just about the doctor, they are tempted deeper as in any case as deeper into a contorted globe of filth as in any case as in reality unsatisfied people in general where zilch is for it seems. "The Clinic" explores the motives of some anxious people in general who undergo a firm term providing go.

The Clinic (2001)
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