The Bride & The Grooms (2009)

Director : Butch Maier
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Cast : Jacilyn Ledford as Taylor Green, Shaphan David Seiders as Rich King, Michael Wendt as Steve Whipple, Chris Leabu as Freddy Cipoletti, Oliver Gray as T.J. Teodoro, Sara Rouse as Elizabeth Green, Kendra Norris as Christi Sibley, Melissa Logsdon as Debra Hester, Steve Ryan as Mr. Green, Linda Ryan as Mrs. Green, Krystle Suszter as Cas Kelley, Cari Kristoff as Jill Mechling, Shari Whitfield as Thelma Whipple, Ern Gerardo as Senior Pastor, Lawrence Seman as County Clerk, Patricia Valestin as Clerk`s Assistant, Greg Method as Pete Van Handle Harry Albrecht as Dinner Guest #1, Joan Albrecht as Dinner Guest #2, Grant Brinson as Obnoxious Fan, Carl Christie as TV Announcer, Jesse Dill as Pitcher, Christopher Jay Gresham as Shortstop, Linda Hankins as Mrs. Cipoletti, Booker Holliday as Christi`s Date, Trevor Kish as Driver, Kristen Star Koepfer as Arguing Woman, Michael Koepfer as Arguing Man, Tim Leonard as Bald Man, Matt Morgan as Cashier, James Nester as Autograph Dad, Kaitlin Nester as Autograph Girl, Caroline Price as Bored Girlfriend, Mora Schmid as Dinner Guest #4, Tate Schmid as Dinner Guest #3, Mary Britta Shirring as ER Doctor, Ali Whitley as Protective Mother, Kayla Whitley as Curious Girl, Jennifer Wood as Patient Hugger
Run Time : USA:99 min
Filming Locations : Akron, Ohio, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Romantic comedy on the matter of a grown man who by accident gets busy to four people in general at the equivalent time.
A person of mature age out of the blue gets involved to four kinsfolk at the unchanged time. Taylor Green is thence pleasant – more than usually pleasant given that her own good. She put forward to her preoccupied boyfriend, who reflexively says "OK." She thinks they are engaged, plus he has no idea. When she tells her varying three greatest gentleman friends almost about the wedding, they believe she is tendering to them. So four guys finally absolute up jockeying given that feelings at the altar because the bride-to-be walks drink the aisle. Here comes the bride … who is the groom?

The Bride & The Grooms (2009)
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