Terrestrial Soup (2012)

Director : Alex Wolfe
Genre : Comedy, Sci-Fi
Cast : Jennifer Faith Ward as Tracy (as Jennifer Ward), Eliza Stevens as Barbara Daiminte, Daniel Baldock as Arnold, Russ Forga as Randall`s Boss, Luis Antonio Howard as Bank Manager (as Luis Antonio), Al Mauro as Trent, James Trussell as Clark Armorman, Rusty Riegert as Red Reyes, Brandy Grant as Party Planner, Christina Santa Cruz as Voice #1, Jillian Saint Rodenberg as Wednesday, Britta Gardner as Amy, Jon Hohensee as Voice #4, Mikey Massas as Interviewee #2, Henrique Bersani as Chim, Karen Leblanc as Maria, Tia Fakess as Voice #3, Sophia Hollimon as Sandy, A.J. Bruno as Sam, George Zelasko as Voice #2, Carolyn Luke as College Girl, Jason Dyke as College Guy, Alan Wolfe as Alan, Stan Madray as John Hannon, Rachel White as Dog Walking Girl, Michael Philips as Randall, Leland Gorlin as Interviewee #3, Mary Anderson as Diana Rose, Chris Shay as Rick Kunlang, Curtis Earth as Steve Jaron, Matthew Deicke as Jake
Run Time : 96 min
Country : USA
Language : English
The exposure of an added terrestrial proof starts a whirlwind of events. As statement of the exposure runs its manner completed a grouping of roommates…
The revelation of one more terrestrial proof starts a whirlwind of events. As expression of the revelation play its route prepared a categorization of roommates, to an unstable information anchor, onto a graduate student who is falsely credited and the discovery, plus to an enigmatic youthful person of filthy age who is bothered and paranoia upon hearing the news. Terrestrial Soup mockingly weaves these stories collectively to build a comedic plus odd icon of the route folks converse inside the present age, plus how worthy information plus occasions might troth trivialized, twisted, plus buried less than the actions of commonplace life.