T.V.: The Movie (2008)

Director : T. Anthony Moore
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Anderson Bolles as Picketer, Ryan S. Bruemmer as Cashier, Oscar A. Castro as Oscar, Vicente Cordero as Adam Bomb Live Guest, Gerald Craig as Adam Bomb Live Guest, Casey Fera as Man tied to sign, Arturo Guerrero as Art, Emily Guerrero as Kid, Louise Guerrero as Kid, Chuck Henderson as Homeless man, Steve Iliff as Saul`s Luitenant, Rex Lee as Rex, Gwyn Mason as Gwyn, Champion McConnell as Troublemaker, Kurt Miller as Man in Elmo Suit, Brett Poquette as Brett Rosenblatt, Alisha Rayne as Allisha, T.J. Ries as Troublemaker, Hector Rodriguez as Picketer, Celesta Romero as Picketer, Rita Villareal as Adam Bomb Live Guest, Adam J. Wagener as Adam Bomb, Becky Wagener as Picketer, Paul Weihert as Adam Bomb Live Guest, Shanti Whitney as Shanti
Run Time : USA:88 min
Country : USA
Language : English
To unless their domestic fancy foreclosure, two TV producers (Oscar also Brett) wager on races, finances a robbery…
To unless their marital fancy foreclosure, two TV producers (Oscar along with Brett) stake on races, financial financial statement a robbery, along with consult the mob. Framed prepared a at the rear of the scenes look into neighborhood television, eight motion picture style grads, a trivial long period of time mob boss, along with a full-time Muppet desperately undertake to unless their marital along with their idiosyncrasy of continuation by attaining "TV: the Movie". Fusing documentary footage as well as unreal scenes, "TV: the Movie" invites its listeners on a deconstructive glide prepared realism along with illusion.

T.V.: The Movie (2008)
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