Sweet Lorraine (2010)

Director : Christopher C. Frieri
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Sport
Cast : Tatum O`Neal as Lorraine Bebee, Steven Bauer as Lou, Peter Greene as Marcus, Julianne Michelle as Stephanie Beebe, Robyn Peterson as Felicity, Scott William Winters as Mayor Ward, Matthew Meis as Leboutillier, Toni Romano as Celeste Bava, Matt Sauerhoff as Lou Jr., Jimmie Walker as Rudy ray, Ellen Evans as June, Thoa Dang as Kayko Ward, Dennis L.A. White as LINCOLN KENNEDY, John Palumbo as Marty, Angela Relucio as Woman sitting at bar, Damian Bailey as Brother Herinmiker, Stephen Badalamenti as Freddie, Ben Van Bergen as Lenny `Hands`, Chandra Thomas as Twix, Matthew Conlon as Reverend Freeman BeeBee, Julia Giolzetti as Parishoner, Allie Dunbar as Church Goer, Peter O`Connor as Reporter, Patricia Parker as Actress, Lynze Schiller as Diane Smick, Clark Carmichael as Stan Smick, T. Jota as Spolenski, Kathy Patterson as Businesswoman
Plot : The twofold continuation of Methodist minister’s helpmate catches conscious to her, for her spouse campaigns since Mayor inside a tiny New Jersey town.
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Frederick Zollo Productions

Sweet Lorraine (2010)
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