Sunny Side Up (2010/II)

Director : Adam Pieratt
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Cast : Aaron Pieratt as Josh, Mitch McLeod as Seth, James R. Howell as Dr. Edwards, Marc Borden as Richard Barnes, Nicole Holt as Lucy, Wallace Brackens as Clyde, Rose Wright as Barbara Anne, Andrew Pieratt as Dex, Sherri Pieratt as Seth`s Mom, Adam Pieratt as Jock
Run Time : 106 min
Filming Locations : Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Josh, a exorbitant heading student, turns to antidotes inside apply to trot out the up-to-date kicking of the bucket of his father plus to flee the tyranny of his alcoholic mother…
Josh, a overpriced grading student, turns to medicines inside request to wear down the new loss of his father in addition to to break out the tyranny of his alcoholic mother. His addiction leads him to the headquarters of a sinister, megalomaniacal psychiatrist who`s motives broaden far-off afar from seconding a upset teen. Josh`s relief Seth is there by his nearby every step of the way. But, once Josh gets his workforce on an additional experimental drug, Seth begins to witness his finest friend`s addiction turn out to be homicidal tendencies.

Sunny Side Up (2010/II)
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