Speeder Kills (2003)

Director : Jim Mendiola
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Xelina Flores as Maya, Sam Gilliam, Frank Humada as Marcus, Amalia Ortiz as Amalia, Ruby Nelda Perez
Run Time : USA:84 min
Country : USA
Language : English
On the flood enjoys a $45,000 debt, dangerously acclaimed, San Francisco-based experimental filmmaker Amalia…
On the gush indulge in a $45,000 debt, dreadfully acclaimed, San Francisco-based experimental filmmaker Amalia Ortiz has got in conjugal with is hiding out inside Texas. When her conceive to type ends converge operating inside the sort business, publicizing screwy folk knack door-to-door doesn`t operate out, she turns her artistic sights on Speeder, the Chicano punk band stating across the street. She has ambitions to make a documentary image of the band detailing "the cultural poetics of Mexican American South Texas." The band without difficulty desires to type a music video. As performer with band collaborate, their easy conceive to re-creation a view indulge in "Ferris Bueller`s Day Off" amid San Antonio`s annual Fiesta festivity right away spirals out of control. What follows is a stack media maelstrom of hijacked floats, kidnapped loveliness queens, with an inevitable locality inside rock with streak history.

Speeder Kills (2003)
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