Speaker Phone (2003)

Director : Paulo Morelli
Genre : Crime, Romance, Comedy
Cast : Vivianne Pasmanter as Mari, Betty Gofman as Déia, Dan Stulbach as Duda, Graziela Moretto as Karina, Luciano Chirolli as Abílio, Kiko Mascarenhas as Flavinho, Fábio Herford as Monstro, Otávio Martins as Alicate, Genésio de Barros as Francisco, Paulo Gorgulho as Policial 1, Ernani Moraes as Policial 2, Supla as Sávio Zuzu Abu as Colega de trabalho, Jair Assunção as Décio – doleiro, Eduardo Estrela as Vendedor de panos, Armando Filho as Manoel – garçom, Carla Fioroni as Ivone, Priscila Luz as Ladra, Joelson Medeiros as Gerente do banco, Paulo Porto as Taxista, Plínio Soares as Ladrão de banco, Denis Staut as Filho do Francisco
Run Time : 87 min
Filming Locations : São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Country : Brazil
Language : Portuguese
Mari furthermore her buddy Déia find out almost about the problem of her better half as well as a new woman inside a impromptu make contact with call.
Duda (Stulbach), a responsibility mature man who is close to obtain a future that`ll admit him to open greenhorn factories, decides to live a at once life, calling it off plus his female friend plus becoming an truthful man. However, inside his very last date plus the lover, his cellular phone accidentaly dials his wife`s amount – plus she starts to taking note the entirety that is future ended her car`s speaker phone. Meanwhile, Duda`s wife is aiming to slink everything his cash plus two naive thieves are progressing to complicate the plight still plenty by kidnapping Duda plus his lover.
During a quarrel, Karina by accident presses the redial main on her female friend Duda`s suite phone. Mari, Duda`s wife, responses the speak to as anyhow as she as anyhow as her companion Déia approach taking remark of Duda`s separate life, which includes a mistress, infidelity, stealing, fishy capital riches transactions, kidnapping as anyhow as however a murder attempt.
A cellular phone belonging to a cheating wife also thief (Dan Stulbach) is inadvertently disappeared on "hands free" (thus the film`s designation – viva voz inside Portuguese). This happens moment involved to his wife`s – Mari`s space phone, which she switches to "hands free" moment interjecting almost town, also by accident hears the total lot these secrets. Starting then, Mari also her friend, Déia, catch confessions also produced evil plots, also decise to ensue those involved, moment cautious to exit the cellular phone on, therefore they don`t lose solitary fact moment indoors the car. In therefore doing, they not simply witness an outbreak of outrageous events, on the variant hand moreover discover secrets of multiple betrayals, robberies, murder tries also kidnappings, which may possibly perpetually alter the methods of the total lot of the characters` lives.