Slapdash (2005)

Director : Colin Hebert
Release Date : 2005
Genre : Comedy, Crime
Cast : Patrick M. Brady as Jim (as Patrick Brady), Judy Cerda as Bonnie, Paul DelBene as Floyd, James Ehrlich as Camden, David Fine as Galdez, Bill Glanting as Motel Mgr., Rocky LaRochelle as Mr. Lou, Larry Laverty as Laslo, Jeremiah Liebrecht as Scott, Rosemary Maciel as Retirement Home Mgr., Stephen Pawley as Mac, Ramona Schwarz as Rebecca, Shawn Smith as Gil, Lee Vogt as Wes, Jeffrey Weissman as Mosley
Plot : The gin-soaked lives of a talentless jinx troupe are roused as they replace a hockey bag packed with weed plus a corpse.
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Garden Gnome Entertainment

Slapdash (2005)
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