Single Action Colt (2010)

Director : Scott Harpt
Genre : Comedy, Western
Cast : Barbra Alloy as Addi, Marc Brink as Doc, Olivia Brunette Weltz as Sweet Baby, Allison Brunette as Bartender, Lucas Brunette as Willy, Tony Brunette as Townsperson4, Curt Christnot as Ringo, Max Frost as Brother Fancy, Marty Granius as Isiah – Dude, Sarah Grenier as Kid on Train, Bailee Harper as Elroy, David Harper as Townsperson 1, Jerry Harpt as Timothy, Scott Harpt as The Marshal, Dena Holtz as Eleanor, Sarah Ittner as Sugar Pop, Lana K. Kakuk as Lounge Singer, Brian Killen as Dirty Jack, Tim Killian as Hoople, Cameron Kolb as Barnacle, Marianne Kolb as Mrs. Hutch, Samantha Kolb as Sami Johnson, Chuck Lacasse as Clem, Dave Mathieu as Mr. Edwards, Josh Mathieu as Townsperson3, Alicia McCanna as Spanky, Tom McNeely as Ian McLilly, Scott McPherson as Slippery Sam, Tim `Otis` Miller as Otis, Terry Minor as Mrs. Johnson, Trey Mireles as Townsperson 2, Bill Moede as Messenger, James Morgenstern as Albert, Richie Plass as Man behind Tree, Sarah Rajek as Strawberry, Scott Roemaat as Jim, Jill Stenson as Sarah, Luke Traeger as Ventriloquist, Michael Troyer as Mr. Johnson, Noelle Vandenberg as Peaches, David Wehmeyer as Tobacco Man, Josh Weishaar as Rusty, John Wills as Sheriff Colt
Run Time : 98 min
Country : USA
Language : English
When wimpy Sheriff Colt moves to Dirty Creek, bandits variety their strategy to town to obtain advantage.

Single Action Colt (2010)
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