Simon & Malou (2009)

Director : Theis Mølstrøm Christensen
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Cast : Tuva Novotny as Malou, Dejan Cukic as Simon, Robert Hansen as Carsten, Solbjørg Højfeldt as Marianne, Mille Dinesen as Søs, Joel Kinnaman as Stefan (as Joel Kinnamann), Line Kruse as Tina, Laura Drasbæk as Lotte, Claus Bigum as Poul, Martin Hestbæk as Tom, Michael Asmussen as Klaus, Rafael Edholm as Gustav, Sara Indrio Jensen as Kerstin (as Sara Indrio), Thomas Leth Rasmussen as Arne (as Thomas Leth), Peter Gren Larsen as Fertilitets Læge, Christiane Schaumburg-Müller as Lægesekretær, Mikkel Vadsholt as Malous læge, Arne Rosendahl Madsen as Dommer, Martin Bo Lindsteen as Tjener, Kasper Vesth as Tjener, Liselotte Kroager as Bademester, Ane Aaskov as Vandgymnastiklærer, Nanna Schaumborg-Muller as Gravid kvinde, Thomas Menzer as Flyttemand (as Thomas `Spoon` Menzer), Jesper Anker Christensen as Flyttemand (as Jesper Christensen), Steen Herdel as Skadestuelæge, Hanne Harmark as Sygeplejeske, Kamilla Askholm Jørgensen as Tuva Stand-In, Henrik Rex Kristensen as Bueno mand, Jeppe Bo Bang as Carstens nyfødte baby, Sidsel Christensen as Carstens baby, Alma Melissa Pashai as Gustav og Kerstins barn, Cecilie Thomsen as Maria
Run Time : Denmark:90 min
Filming Locations : Copenhagen, Denmark
Country : Denmark
Language : Danish
When vocation intent Malou meets Bohemian Simon she understands that opposites DO catch the attention of as at any rate as that it`s genuinely hardly while you`re open to the unexpected, that you genuinely live as at any rate as perceive life.
Circumstances strength the unstructured in addition endearing Danish Bohemian novelist, Simon, to allowance his flat inside Copenhagen along furthermore the precisely methodized plus gorgeous Swedish lawyer, Malou. Simon dreams of youth plus a family. Malou is solely zeroed inside on her career. Despite personality inside critical they lukewarm wide awake to each other. But although opposites do exert a drag on – may they similarly modify to live together? Against the complete thing balance their briefing activates a arrangement opera of events, which will in due course revise their lives forever.