Sheng hua te jing zhi sang shi ren wu (2000)

Director : Wai-Man Cheng
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Cast : Stephen Fung as Marco, Sam Lee as Brother Cheap, Alice Chan as Bell, Wai Ming Chan as May, Keung-Kuen Lai as Harry (as Lai Chun), Shiu Hung Hui as Mikey, Chi Hung Ng as Brother Kow, Ronald Wong as Milk, Sammuel Leung as Superintendent (as Samuel Leung), Jude Poyer as Zombie (as Wong Chi-Hung) Kit Koon as Mrs. Kow, Dave Taylor as U.S. marine
Run Time : 89 min
Country : Hong Kong
Language : Cantonese
CIA Anent Harry is bitten by a blue person who was share of a tragic research relating to the skill to experience pain…
CIA Anent Harry is bitten by a woman who was allocation of a lethal research relating to the knack to submit to pain. The bacterium has a virus, inducing the victim to grow to be a zombie. Upon Harry`s birth inside Hong Kong, behind rejection indulge in his ex-girlfriend, the virus begins to obtain effect. He kills a get on to damsel plus is arrested behind a gang fight. When he is inside prison, Harry transforms into a Zombie King plus transforms virtually an comprehensive Triad gang into his inner most horde. Soon, the check rank becomes a House of the Dead. It`s conscious to a check officer seen Marco, Harry`s ex, plus a Triad member seen Cheap to bring to a halt each other ahead of it`s more than usually late.
A trump classified try behave awry for CIA origin Harry is unintentionally bitten by a fully fledged woman who became a zombie bask in a vaccine that was alleged to class him agonizing to pain. When Harry revenue to Hong Kong, he begins to submit to a variance as nonetheless as becomes a zombie. He is arrested by keep behold over officer Marco because being associated with a gang fight. In jail, Harry turns the full thing the prisoners into his zombie horde. Soon, the keep behold over precient becomes a place of abode of the dead. It`s unsleeping to Marco, Harry`s ex-girlfriend Bell, as nonetheless as Triad member Cheap to discontinue the lot previous it`s more than usually late.