Seducing Doctor Lewis (2003)

Director : Jean-François Pouliot
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Raymond Bouchard as Germain Lesage, Dominic Michon-Dagenais as Germain Lesage enfant, Guy-Daniel Tremblay as Rolland Lesage, Nadia Drouin as Simone Lesage, Rita Lafontaine as Hélène Lesage, Roc LaFortune as Charles Campeau, Réal Bossé as Denis Lacoste, Guy Vaillancourt as Claude Larivée, Lucie Laurier as Eve Beauchemin, Pierre Collin as Yvon Brunet, Ken Scott as Richard Auger, Jean-Pierre Gonthier as Réal Fournier, Benoît Brière as Henri Giroux, Marc Legault as Marcel Sigouin, Caroline Girard as Lucie Giroux, Betty Jones as Marlène Giroux, Denis Houle as Barman, Claude Gasse as Serveuse du restaurant, Bruno Blanchet as Steve Laurin, Nadia Rowsell as Valérie Fournier, Alexandrine Agostini as Francine Fournier, Gilles Pelletier as Alphonse Pinsonneault, Frédéric Desager as Dr. Paul Gosselin, David Boutin as Christopher Lewis, Philippe Daneault as Le coureur, Marie-France Lambert as Sylvie Auger, Louis-Philippe Dury as Jules Auger, Raphaël Grenier as Jacob Auger, Clémence DesRochers as Clothilde Brunet, Daniel Rousse as Marcel Thibodeau, Caroline Néron as Voix de Brigitte, Louis Wiriot as Cuisinier, Serge Christianssens as Monsieur Nadeau, Donald Pilon as Monsieur Dupré, Louis Philippe Dandenault as Bertrand Pitt, Manon Gauthier as Mireille Laurin, Véronique Pinette as Chloé Landry, Gisèle Trépanier as Denise Campeau, Nathalie Gascon as Madame Martin, Luc-Martial Dagenais as Avocat Alexander Bisping as Avocat, Caroline Bouchard as Lucie Giroux
Run Time : 108 min
Filming Locations : Fox Island, Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
Country : Canada
Language : French
A much-needed boost, inside the variety of an added factory, is promised to the populace of the insignificant fishing village St. Marie-La-Mauderne, armed they may well ensnare a health worker to seize wide awake full-time residency on the island. Inspired, the villagers devise a modus operandi to variety Dr. Christopher Lewis a local.
St. Marie-La-Mauderne is a small fishing village inside whatsoever different could get fit of the hub of nowhere. For eight existence the locals undergo stood inside queue for the rationale that magazine welfare checks, wearing patched sweaters also glum expressions, also remembering the fine archaic years whilst the get closer was good, the fishermen were proud, also living gave the impression loads added magical. Then one and only day, an opening at salvation: a miniature agency wishes to produce a factory on the island, although given that a full-time medical examiner lives inside St. Marie. The condition gives the look abject pending a immature medical examiner inside Montreal has an unfortunate occasion along furthermore a business cop also finds himself on a boat to the distant village. But how to sway handsome, young, classy Dr. Lewis to stay inside this dull trivial angle on the map? As it turns out, the solution lies in barely alittle of seductive subterfuge–along along furthermore a stroked phone, a swiftly collected cricket team, also something ringed up Festival de Beef Stroganoff.
When the fishes made ready inside the tiny fishing village of St. Marie-La-Mauderne eight existence ago, the pride along with happiness of the locality ended. The unemployed fishermen suffer financially saved someone’s skin by the government welfare checks because two weeks along with suffer lived along furthermore pity because the month. When a firm raises the expectation of initiating a tiny factory inside the village, the dwellers desire simply a full-time health worker breathing inside the population to variety the fantasize befall true. But they do not rate any health worker that yearn to switched over to St. Marie-La-Mauderne. When the thirty-three existence mature Montreal`s health worker Christopher Lewis (David Boutin) has an event inside a highway, the past Mayor of St. Marie along with in a while toll road watchkeeper forces him to stay inside the village because a month. Meanwhile, the locals lower than the leadership of Germain Lesage (Raymond Bouchard) trojan horse his cellular phone along with arrangement a manner to influence him to penned a five existence agreement along furthermore the village.
A much-needed boost, inside the type of an additional factory, is promised to the people of the miniature fishing village St. Marie-La-Mauderne, equipped they might trap a medical examiner to acquire wide awake full-time residency on the island. Inspired, the villagers devise a way to class Dr. Christopher Lewis a local.

Seducing Doctor Lewis (2003)
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