Running 4 President (2009)

Director : Marko Sakren
Genre : Comedy, Family
Cast : Liana Alexandra as Georgia Washington, Conner Black as Timmy Johnson, Susan Blonsky as C-SPAM News Anchor, Bernard Bryan as C-SPAM Van Operative #2, John E. Carson as Dale Karnegie, Stu Chaiken as ESPPN Sports Reporter, Dee Drenta as Betsy Johnson, The Dumbkopfs as The Band, Brian Feldman as ESPPN Sports Anchor, Eric Floyd as Mombray Dis, Kenny Forbes as ESPPN Sports Anchor, Barry Fortgang as Karaoke Singer #1, Tanner Fortgang as Karaoke Singer #2, Sergio Garcia as Miguel, Sammy Gartner as C-SPAM Van Operative #1, Clem Gonzaga as C-SPAM Van Operative #3, David Hahnlen as C-SPAM Van Operative #4, Carole J. Hannon as Harriet, Ryan Harrison as Citizen, Terry Hayden as Reilly Bowes, Judith Hayek as Protester #3, Jane Hoover as Ruth Gott, Matt Kautsky as Mover, George Kerr as Angus McClanahan, James Lake as Nigel Vanguard, Kim Lazar as Ballroom Dancer, Shane Madden as Mover, Ray Mauss as Robert Gibson, George McKerry as TV Show Floor Manager, Heather Mehudar as Protester #1, George Miklos as T.V. News Reporter, Tim O`Neal as Protester #2, Rosemary Rock as Molly McClanahan, DeAnne Sheehan as Shirley Martin, J.D. Smith as Lloyd, Martha Somers as Flower Child, Griffin Stanton-Ameisen as Todd Jameson, Jean Sulli as PMSNBC News Anchor, Judy Thomas as Citizen, Jessica Vanek as Techie, Manika Ward as Karaoke Singer #3, Tia Willo as Judge #4, Trina Wolfe as KRAP News Reporter, Stephani Wyatt as PMSNBC News Reporter
Run Time : 105 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Todd also Dale, two hardly informed slackers, undertake to except their failing oxygen inn by flowing a brainless trivial race as the White House. After failing to find attention, they arrange to open wakeful the promotion to common routine Americans also the entirety operates crazy.

Running 4 President (2009)
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