Rain in the Mountains (2007)

Genre : Comedy
Cast : Dan Brunell as Mr. Johnson, Ron Chapple as Gas Station Owner, Bryan Connolly as FBI Agent 1, Leon Cordier as Store Owner, Nick Erb as Todd Smallhouse, Joseph Heldman as Deadman, Kit Metlen as FBI Agent 2, Robert Whaa-ka-dub Monger as Andy, John Ott as Farmer Earl, William Pickernell as Bar Fly, Steve Pierre as Eric Smallhouse, Robert Satiacum as Deputy John, Audrey Seymour as Lindsay Smallhouse, Gregory Sutterlict as David the Fisherman, Michael Treetop Jr. as Wapati, Kassidy Whitener as Lisa
Run Time : USA:90 min
Filming Locations : Centralia, Washington, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Eric Smallhouse is a Native American who believes it`s his fortune to guide his mortals accommodate to the archaic ways…
Eric Smallhouse is a Native American who believes it`s his lot to pilot his kinsmen do anyone a service to the aged ways. Undaunted by his conclude lack of understanding just about those ways, he drags his male child on a probe to get better the past. Failing miserably, Eric begins to assume that the existing real world and its existing conveniences is the authentic enemy, as anyways as his antics presently withdraw him on the gush savours the authorities.

Rain in the Mountains (2007)
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