Quixote in LA (2011)

Director : Eric Putzi
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Andrea Acosta as Lilly, Scott Baizer as Big Boss, Javier Crespo Jr. as David, Bob Desena as Quixote, Jazmin Lakos as Hot Girl #1, Jesus Padilla as Junior, Eric Putzi as Zapatero, David Saucedo, Shelly Skhal as Dr. Francesca, Dorina Solymar as Hot Girl #2, Kyle Wegner as Dr. Hernandez
Run Time : 94 min
Country : USA
Language : English
When LA`s delusional Quixote decides to slip the Spanish Conquistador armor enjoys the Southwest Museum…
When LA`s delusional Quixote decides to sneak the Spanish Conquistador armor relishes the Southwest Museum he enlists the give assistance to of David (Quixote`s de facto Sancho Panza) to stock out the courageous plan… group inside contemporary, urban, Mexican/American Los Angeles, humorous madness also disorder ensues since Quixote seeks and his condition also bit by bit transforms himself into Don Quixote. Comedy/Satire. Some Language.

Quixote in LA (2011)
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