Porky`s (1982)

Director : Bob Clark
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Dan Monahan as Pee Wee, Mark Herrier as Billy, Wyatt Knight as Tommy, Roger Wilson as Mickey, Cyril O`Reilly as Tim, Tony Ganios as Meat, Kaki Hunter as Wendy, Kim Cattrall as Honeywell, Nancy Parsons as Balbricker, Scott Colomby as Brian Schwartz, Boyd Gaines as Coach Brackett, Doug McGrath as Coach Warren, Susan Clark as Cherry Forever, Art Hindle as Ted Jarvis, Wayne Maunder as Cavanaugh, Alex Karras as Sheriff Wallace, Chuck Mitchell as Porky, Eric Christmas as Mr. Carter, Bill Hindman as Coach Goodenough, John Henry Redwood as Conklin, Jack Mulcahy as Frank, Rod Ball as Steve, Julian Byrd as Cop no. 1 (as Julian Bird), Bill Fuller as Cop no. 2, Will Knickerbocker as Bartender, Bill Wohrman as Ted`s Partner (as Bill Worman), Roger Womack as Bouncer no. 2, Gary Maas as Deputy no. 2, Ilse Earl as Mrs. Morris, Jill Whitlow as Mindy, Pat Lee as Stripper, Terry Guthrie as Miss Walker, Joanne Marsic as Waitress, Peter Conrad as Mule Train Driver (as Pete Conrad), Butch Raymond as Deputy no. 1, Cash Baron as Bouncer no. 1, Cash Spadard as Bouncer no. 3, Lisa O`Reilly as Ginny, Allene Simmons as Jackie, Cathy Garpershak as Girl in Shower, Jon Cecka as Markin Highpockets, Don Daynard as Radio Announcer, Carl Zittrer as Piano Player at Porky`s
Plot : Set inside 1954, a head of Florida overpriced schoolers enquiry out to lose their virginity which leads each other to enquiry settling of scores on a sleazy nightclub owner plus his redneck sheriff buddy since pesky them.
Run Time : 94 min
Country : Canada | USA
Company : Melvin Simon Productions