Politics of Love (2010)

Director : William Dear
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Cast : Loretta Devine as Shirlee Gupta, Tracey Walter as Glen, Brian J. White as Kyle Franklin, Mallika Sherawat as Aretha Gupta, Ruby Dee, Gabrielle Dennis as Chelsea, Gerry Bednob as Vijay Gupta, Ian Reed Kesler as Brent Murphy, Michele Specht as Liz Moore, Phillip Agresta as Shirtless Man At Carwash, David Bianchi, Carlene Moore as Kathleen, Anil Raman as Marvin Gupta, Camille Diebold as Merry Christian 1, Marie Lyn Deja as Melinda, Kennerly Diebold as Merry Christian 2, Sueann Han as Bianca, Oliver Dear as Redneck, Kevin Anthony Brooks as Kenny the Cameraman, Naomi Parmar as Cousin, Trillionaire as Terrence Miller
Plot : A comedy romance empowered by the slew of officially acknowledge ballot intimacy stories that sprung unsleeping all through Obama’s Presidential push. The plan follows the fortunes of a drive squad trapped inside a whirlwind of joyous romances.
Run Time : (min.) 90
Company : Nuclear Mango Studios

Politics of Love (2010)
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