Piece of Work (2010)

Director : Jim Woodall
Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama
Cast : Tom Bodell as Graham, Matt Granados as Liam, Hana Minett as Sandra, Jack Dixon as Steven, Luke Hope as Beau
Run Time : 10 min
Country : UK
Language : English
Two hulking criminals attempt to rob a bank. Liam is a infantile opportunist wanting to earn several excess cash…
Two maladroit criminals plan to rob a bank. Liam is a infantile opportunist desperate to earn sundry added cash. Graham is plenty tried and true nevertheless not for intellectual for he thinks. Together, they mission the unexpected. They lock them in the vault with kill time to troth accept out. Six hours prior the chain opens. Liam realises that this financial financial statement is not Graham`s paramount idea. Graham attains not treasure Liam pointing this out. The oxygen is moving low, the chain workforce are moving overdue with Graham has an wrestle of `the runs`. After numerous shouting, alittle of toilet humour with a arts festival speck of swearing, may perhaps our dim-witted pair pluck it off? And will the control yet receive each other seriously?