Office of the Dead (2009)

Director : Matthew Chung
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Teddy Chen Culver as Ben – Software Engineer, Christina July Kim as Liz – Project Manager, Shawn Parikh as Raj – Software Engineer, Robbie Daymond as Wil – Marketing Guy, Jani Blom as Nate – Jerk Boss, Amelia Meyers as Amanda – Marketing Girl, Don Jeanes as Rob – Marketing Guy, Natasha Nov as Angie – CEO Assistant, David Goldman as Sir John Chris – CEO, Wayne Robbins as Mike – Customer Service, Lynnette Li as Gladys – News Girl, Paul Brewster as Garry – News Guy, Nate Geez as Roger – Security, Erin Holt as Christie – Marketing Girl, Tammy Felice as Becky, Tommy Nash as Sam, Richard Van Slyke as Jake – Consultant, Tom Lipka as Jones – Consultant, Ace Marrero as Captain Roberts, Bill Swindle as Cop 2, Tony Sago as Cop 1, Robert Christopher Henderson as Tim – Zombie, Alan Alessandro as Security Guard – Zombie, Antonio Caballero as Antonio – Zombie, Aaron Jennings Hartnell as Gill Bates Consultant, Trisha Howell as Annie – Zombie, Bill Karris as Security Guard – Zombie, Keita Middleton as Keita – Zombie, Lee Schall as Lawyer, Phyllis Siegel as Grandmother – Zombie, Eric Dean as Owen (as Eric Turic), Derek Chang as Derek – Zombie, Nancy Cervantes as Nancy – Zombie Logan Cannon as Logan – Zombie, Markus Hayes as Voice Actor, Derek Howell as D – Zombie, Joshua Morrissey as Josh – Zombie
Run Time : 72 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Life Corp, a head inside the technology field, is performing on basis infringing technology to species people in general happy…
Life Corp, a principal inside the technology field, is performing on cause infringing technology to classifications groups of people happy. The company`s CEO, Sir John Chris, argues this is appearing at a term as soon as groups of people are frustrated plus crave a change. Ben Lau, a software engineer, has dyed-in-the-wool the concluding three time of his existence on the Life Corp assignment aiming to variety a difference. Together plus Raj, his dandy software engineer, plus Liz, his assignment manager, they manner their very last analyze which may well essentially variety an down someone happy. The analyze removes an unintended flick for the purpose that the worse. Instead of the designed outcome, the assessment focus becomes a zombie. To choose the crisis, Sir John Chris hires his friends to refer to on the project. His friends major variety subjects worse, plus their analyze starts the zombie epidemic infecting the end building. Ben, Raj plus Liz, flee the initial outbreak, on the abundant hand understand they are the chief to reversing the effects of the infection. So they wrangle plus occasionally pull oneself completed the a lot of headings of the Life Corp building, appointment the surprisingly satisfactory yearning advertising department, the executive CEO staff, plus several mature friends, who are at the present intellect dead. Along the way, Ben fathoms how he actually feels for the purpose that his assignment supervisor plus ex-girlfriend, Liz. In the end, Ben reverses the ending of the infection, gets the girl, plus saves the office.

Office of the Dead (2009)
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