Novo (2002)

Director : Jean-Pierre Limosin
Genre : Drama, Comedy, Romance
Cast : Eduardo Noriega as Graham / Pablo, Anna Mouglalis as Irène, Nathalie Richard as Sabine, Eric Caravaca as Fred, Paz Vega as Isabelle, Lény Bueno as Antoine, Julie Gayet as Julie, Agathe Dronne as Céline, Bernard Bloch as Docteur Sagem, Vincent Dissez as Simon, Catherine Bidaut as Nadine, Pascal Tokatlian as Gérard, Dominic Gould as Gilles, Stéphanie Picard as La serveuse, André S. Labarthe as L`homme au musée
Run Time : 98 min
Country : Switzerland | France | Spain
Language : Spanish | French
Those who liked Graham the previous day shouldn`t take for on today. Those who intimacy him this day hazard human being heartbroken tomorrow…
Those who cherished Graham the previous day shouldn`t view on today. Those who care him this present day danger someone heartbroken tomorrow… Suffering savours frequent memory loss, Graham is controlled to a confined transitory memory. He forgets various subjects succeeding merely a measure of minutes. He no longer recognizes his lady Isabelle nor his little child Antoine nor his supporter Fred. Since each daylight hours is an additional day, Graham copes as well as existence by pertaining to the truth of his minute notebook, the fixing major to his identity. He move for a photocopy shop attendant below the procurable behold of his ribald chief Sabine, who paths him to his libido`s advantage. Pretty innovative temp Irene can`t collaborate with anticipated given that Graham`s spontaneous charm. But how may possibly Graham in fact come apart care as well as her as he sees every time for the foremost time? Irene is on the breaking point of undergo the inclusive lot innovative manners of romance. She`ll without problems ought to consider all given that the both of them. Everyone almost about Graham has their reasons why he should or shouldn`t entirely recover…