Nightmare on Crystaldale (2008)

Director : Andrés Ramos
Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Cast : Meritxell Alvira as Monica, Mariona Bosch as Linda, Anna Ramon as Sarah, Oriol Maynadé as Tony Hunter / Brian Campbell, Mario Molina as Ethan O`Mahan / Scott Russell, Sonia Díaz as Lady Dark José Carlos Alvira as Robert `Red` Ford, Rafael Bagán as Líder Zumbado, Pablo Bara as Exiliado, Cora Berdejo as Gillian Cooper, Montse Berga, Ricard Boné as Jaume Pont / Actor famoso, Miquel Bosch as Exiliado, Juanma Campanón as Exiliado, Germán Esteban as Exiliado, David Fernández as Exiliado / Técnico de sonido, David Flores as Exiliado, Josefa González, Auresse Maynadé as Rebecca Sanders, Jordi Maynadé, Albert Moreo as Exiliado, Xavi Ortega as Exiliado, Henry Passolas as Alexander Rice, Sergey Prytkov as Exiliado, Andrés Ramos as Director del anuncio / Voz en off TV, Andy Ramos as Exiliado, Virginie Ribes as Anterior guardiana, Oleg Rumyantsev as Exiliado, Alexey Solovyev as Exiliado, Vanessa Sánchez as Víctima del ritual, Jonathan Tejero as Exiliado, Maurici Valero as Exiliado, Carolina Vendrell as Lady Caroline Stapleton
Run Time : 56 min
Filming Locations : Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
Country : Spain
Language : Spanish
Three babe friends, population inside the composed group of Crystaldale, find in concert on Halloween night…
Three gal friends, inhabitants inside the non violent population of Crystaldale, capture mutually on Halloween middle of the night to behold the most recent moment of their best series: Chosen Ones. In this tribute to show inside film, the reduce file between veracity furthermore fiction becomes thinner furthermore thinner awaiting achieving undreamed-of limits, culminating inside a worrying nightmare, a nightmare that waking wide awake from, doesn`t forever signify it`s over.

Nightmare on Crystaldale (2008)
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