My Doggone Destiny (2012)

Director : Gretchen Dzedzej
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Chris Barnes as Swat officer 2, Stephen Bellew as Paramedic #1, Gabrielle Blevins as Mona, Sarah Castillo as Party Girl, Donna Chesborough as Party Lady, Dan Coleman as Farmer, Tom Damron as Neighbor, Naomi Doddington as Sarah, Michael Dzedzej as Battering Ram Guy, Scot Frechette as Major Anthony, Barbara Gehl as Therapist, Orion Hiott as Swat officer 1, Billy Kelley as Dispatcher, Kenny Knowles as Gas Station Owner, Katie Mehle as Pet Helpers Worker, Antonio Mendez as Walker, Michelle Mills as Marie, Michelle Mills as Maria, Danielle Morales as Police Officer, Monique Morales-Kroll as Postal Inspector, Austin Mueli as Paramedic #2, Paul Nunez as Drunken Pirate, Ruth Ann Oliver as Sylvia, April Rollins as April, Martin John Solloway as Narrator / Voice of Charlie the dog, C. Michael Whaley as Bum, Toby Byers Williams as Charlie
Run Time : 56 min
Filming Locations : Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Sarah is a immature woman also a flash of horrific good fortune who contemplations she can pass on immature indulge in a sensitivity attack. When she reads that smiling kinsmen are less conceivable to pass on indulge in sensitivity attacks, Sarah resolves to suppose beyond doubt no issue what.
Sarah, is a teen mature person who is rummaging an extraordinary stretch of ghastly luck. When her younger comrade dies all of a sudden relishes a feeling attack, Sarah likelihoods that she can engagement next. But as soon as her therapist circumstances that contented groups of people are isolated less doable to pass on relishes feeling attacks, Sarah resolves to acquire her fate into her own work force with imagine definitely no topic what! When the pup she is pet sedentary escapes, Sarah embarks on a risible misadventure that breeds her sooner than stretch of ghastly chance pale inside comparison.

My Doggone Destiny (2012)
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