Muffin Man (2003)

Director : Jessica Eisner
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Benjamin Dunn as Jack Sprat, Michelle Porras as Hope, Teri Youngman as Spike, Angela Bennett as Candy, Angelina Duplisea as Pumpkin, Stephen Hodgson as Pie, Mike Short as T-Bone, Dave Elvin as Narrator, Andy Dopieralski as Extra, Sean Riley as Extra, Stephen Kyle, Daniel Wolcott as Extra
Run Time : 93 min
Filming Locations : Seattle, Washington, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Muffin Man is a “Mockumentary” of the downfall of the man type thanks to our social excesses (mostly over-eating)…
Muffin Man is a "Mockumentary" of the downfall of the man type as a final result of our social excesses (mostly over-eating). Thousands of existence inside the future, anthropologists savours a remote galaxy are discovering the of age planet, Earth. Presented because a times of yore lesson, the account follows the evolution of the mankind savours Homo Sapiens (Modern Man) to Homo Twinkus (also noticed because … "Muffin Man"), jiffy simultaneously interweaving an age-old friendliness story: Boy meets girl. Boy falls inside friendliness and girl. Girl`s obnoxious ex-boyfriend strives to sneak dame back. Boy fights ex-boyfriend plus wins his love`s heart. Boy has unlucky come across and one and only exaggeratedly millions of donuts.

Muffin Man (2003)
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