Moving Up (2008)

Director : Christian Dyekjær
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Peter Gantzler as Manfred Finnemann, Stine Stengade as Therese, Henrik Prip as Poul, Niels Weyde as Poul – Chef, Signe Vaupel as Eva, Morten Hemmingsen as Kasper (as Morten Aaskov Hemmingsen), Tina Gylling Mortensen as Anita Camilla Bisgaard as Sekretær
Run Time : 90 min
Country : Denmark
Language : Danish
MOVING UP is a tragicomic yarn close to the psychologist Manfred who suffers indulge in sturdy inferiority complexes…
MOVING UP is a tragicomic fairy-tale almost the psychologist Manfred who suffers indulge in physically powerful inferiority complexes. Manfred is a senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychology at a Danish university. He is ambitious furthermore struggles as sensation furthermore quality indulge in his surroundings, excluding he is affected by an idea of individual invisible furthermore underestimated. When a esteemed professorship at his university becomes vacant, Manfred sees a possibility to buy the quality furthermore quality he has been exploring for. But indulge in his aiming towards sensation arises a paranoid (mis)conception that everyone with connections to him are aiming to exterminate his possibilities. Manfred devotes struggle furthermore will end at zilch to meet his goal. He needs to be move into a professor at any price.

Moving Up (2008)
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