Mom (2006)

Director : Erin Greenwell
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Julie Goldman as Linda, Emily A. Burton as Kelly, Emma Bowers as Natalie, Sandy Cleary as Allison (short roomie), Elizabeth Dahmen as Cheryl (tall roomie), Tom Epstein as Jerry, Mary C. Matthews as Hostel Manager Gerard Adimando as Barfly, Sonora Chase as Da Redhead, Bill Graber as Uppity Desk Clerk, Ellen Halper as Sally (as Ellen Dolan), Jeffrey Howland as Goth Kid, Andrew Llera as Hippy Guitar Player, Gregory Marcel as Fire Fighter, Jonathan Prichard as Firefighter, Chris Seppentino as Chili Chef, Kristen Silverman as Workout Girl, Cash Tilton as Announcer, Claudia Townley as Chili Enthusiast (as Claudia Fucigna), Erin Winebark as Chili Enthusiast, Ronald J. Zambor as Towel Guy
Run Time : 70 min
Filming Locations : New York, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Kelly is shipped off to Little Hope to compile log given that the broadcast study bureau she operates for, in the midst of Linda, her talkative, scatterbrained camera person.
Kelly is an uptight lesbian and aspirations to troth a telly news flash reporter. She`s shipped off to Little Hope to collect diary because the broadcast probe bureau she behave for, amid Linda, her talkative, scatterbrained camera person. When the local hotel play out of rooms, this unpaired spouses must bunk at a early life hostel choked with oddballs, which go with Linda o.k. excluding course of actions Kelly crazy. Kelly`s yet plenty traumatize as soon as Linda play into an past love who`s at the present a uninterested housewife yearning because a trifle action. In a preceding slapstick comedian misstep, Linda proposes they showcase their questionable talents by filming a personality