Masquerade (2011)

Director : Nicholas Tolkien
Genre : Comedy
Cast : David Brainard as Leslie Crepier, Raina Hein as Raina Crepier, Daniel Steven Lopez as Johnny Depp, Nick Marinoff as Charlie Best, Eric Olsson as Eric Moody, Adam Reeser as Party Goer, Howie Slater as Steven Spielberg, Robert D. Steffen as Max Wallace, Simon Tolkien as Network Boss
Run Time : 142 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Masquerade is a comedic mockumentary as details to two prior teen actors furthermore their desperation to recall to mind the reputation they only once had…
Masquerade is a comedic mockumentary concerning two earlier kid actors as at any rate as their desperation to remember the attractiveness they just the once had. It`s the tale of a disgraced kid player talked to Charlie Best who has been fired as at any rate as reinstated on his own veracity put in an appearance by an additional kid player talked to Eric Moody. Eric suffers like line of business chilling phobias which he`s required to overcome.

Masquerade (2011)
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