Maggie Marvel (2011)

Director : Dan Brennan
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Cast : Selene Beretta as Maggie Marvel, Diana Brennan as Samantha Marvel, Katherine Barron as Dixie Brown, Dan Brennan as Bobby Shea, Sabrina Brennan as Polly Poison, Samuel Whitten as Dylan Shea, Christopher Douros as Marvin Shea, Russ Camarda as Doc, Dasha Kittredge as Cindy Pickles, Eileen Townsend as Mrs. Livinsky, Lauren Courtney Norman as Veronica Smith, Allison Lane as Dr. Shaw, Jeanne Brennan as Wanda, Nina Transfeld as Ava, Nam Holtz as Mischa, Ashlee LaPine as Jenny Marvel, Ryan Vigilant as Mr. Coleman, Jermaine McClure as Othello, Brooke Aldrich as Helga, Stephanie Casaubon as Jennifer, Carmel Amit as Sophia Nicolette, Thomas Doran as Bart, Adriana Falcon as Debra, Rachael Palmer Jones as Mrs. Connors, Stephanie Faith Scott as Mrs. Clark, Drew Henriksen as Mr. Buttons, William Apps as Johnny Rocket, Sarah Lynn Dawson as Wendy Ashley Nicole Anderson as Mrs. Coleman (as Ashley N. Anderson), Steven Lee Edwards as Doug, Madeleine James as Desdemona, Cory Shoemake as Nick, Sofia Szabo as Katie
Run Time : 90 min | USA:130 min
Country : USA
Language : English
About a lone Mom who moonlights since a reservations killer. Maggie Marvel must evaluate vocation in addition to family, murder in addition to math homework. She is pushed into this risky world… sole to conclude she is extremely satisfactory at it.

Maggie Marvel (2011)
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