Love on a Diet (2001)

Genre : Comedy, Romance
Cast : Andy Lau as Fatso, Sammi Cheng as Mini Mo, Rikiya Kurokawa as Kurokawa, Asuka Higuchi as Kudo, Tian-lin Wang as Fatso`s Friend (as Wong Tin Lam), Suet Lam as Bun Man (as Lam Suet), Chi Ping Cheung (as Cheung Chi Ping), Wai Leung Hung as Fatso`s Friend (as Hung Wai Leung), Mei Fan Wong (as Wong Mei Fan), Ming Nam Po (as Po Ming Nam) Gam-cheong Cheung, Keiji Sato
Run Time : 94 min
Country : Hong Kong | Japan
Language : Cantonese | Japanese | English
Sammi Cheng plays Mimi Mo, a small exchange student to Japan who reached also came down inside affection in addition to a up-and-coming pianist…
Sammi Cheng plays Mimi Mo, a adolescent exchange student to Japan who fetched conscious at plus weakened inside warmth plus a thriving pianist, Kurokawa, played by Rikiya Kurokawa. Kurokawa sooner or later plants to review music inside the USA plus earnings to Japan for a eminent musician. Meanwhile, Mimi has controlled her sorrow by gorging plus weights way over 300lbs plus Kurokawa doesn`t understand her. Mimi sooner or later meets Fatty (Andy Lau) who helps her lose the plumpness consequently she may perhaps fulfill her vow of briefing Kurokawa manufactured 10 days earlier. But subsequently they cave in love…..

Love on a Diet (2001)
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