Last Getaway (2007)

Director : Patrick C. Clinton
Genre : Comedy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Cast : Ethan Adams as Pete, Natalie Sieber as Susan, Trey Woodrum as Will Hataway, Darius Sellers as David, Karen Credeur as Jessica, Jeff Pearson as Mike, Mike Clinton as Dan Pastor, Kara White as Beth, Lisa Mount as Sue, Jon Mount as Demented Camper 1, Daniel Rue as Demented Camper 2, Paul Domingue as Demented Camper 3, Glynn Kirtland as Demented Camper 4, Will Clinton as Demented Camper 5, Jerome Scott as Store Clerk
Run Time : USA:91 min
Filming Locations : Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Last Getaway is a one in every of a listing Comedic-Horror show that is since bizarre since it is creepy. When Will Hataway…
Last Getaway is a one amongst a listing Comedic-Horror motion picture that is since weird since it is creepy. When Will Hataway convinces his friends that a camping stumble inside the woodland falling his place of origin will troth a added private graduation jubilation than a stumble to New Orleans, the the arena is group given that a memorable weekend, specifically because the neighboring numerous of each other tolerate transpire to the smashing outdoors has been on television. Culture stun gives the impression to troth the slightest of the group`s reservations since they set foot on discern added of the people in general relishes the sleepy petite town, other than just the once they set foot on the forest, the entirety begins to near into place. After two of each other are seriously slaughtered, it becomes badly recognizable to the mismatched campers that a set of sadistically gleeful lunatics is creating a sport out of thoroughly looking them. As they bawl given that their extremely survival, impromptu twists also complicate matters, leading to an calling it off that is since scandalizing since it is disturbing. With a exceptional pigeonhole of natures also a design that borders on the absurd, Last Getaway is bound to transform a classic in addition to any person who has confirmed to financial financial statement the excellent weekend getaway also discovered without difficulty how sternly issues may go.

Last Getaway (2007)
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