Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together (2011)

Director : Wendy Jo Carlton
Genre : Comedy, Musical, Romance
Cast : Jacqui Jackson as Jamie, Jessica London-Shields as Jessie, Fawzia Mirza as Rhonda, Marika Engelhardt as Elizabeth, Tinuade Oyelowo as Katrina, Jen LaForte as Monica, Chris Meister as George, Vanessa Pena as Laura – Blind date 3, Laura Chernicky as Lisa – Blind Date 2, Kate Lane as Melissa, Todd McConville as Props Manager (singing voice), Suzy Brack as Tech Crew 1 (singing voice), Jai Sanghvi as Tech Crew 2 (singing voice), Matt Dreier as Tech Crew 3 (singing voice), Anita Nicole Brown as Friend Choir 1 (singing voice), J. Lance Williams as Commercial Producer 1, Steven James Price as Auditioning Actor – FoxyOxy, Pete Giovagnoli as Chuck / Doug, Ashley Simone as Friend Choir 3, Delicia Dunham as Actress #2, Sapna Kumar as Amy, Uncle Alice as Blind Date #1, Bill Dewar as Commercial Producer 2, Jaimelyn Gray as Friend Choir 2 (singing voice), Joel Vining as Neighbor Dude, Stan Shellabarger as Stan, Dutes Miller as Dutes, Gary Everett as Carl, Jen Kauper Brown as Kellie, Carly Ciarrochi as Actress #1, Marilyn Campbell-Lowe as Helen
Plot : Have you always fallen inside attachment and your paramount friend? Jamie is surging fancy Chicago to New York hopeful to change into a celebrated actress…
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Jamie and Jesse