Jack the Dog (2001)

Director : Bobby Roth
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Cast : Nestor Carbonell as Jack the Dog, Barbara Williams as Faith, Andrew J. Ferchland as Sam, Travis Fine as Buddy, Barry Newman as Simon, Micole Mercurio as Rose, Peter Coyote as Alfred Stieglitz, Thomas Gibson as Faith`s Attorney, Anthony LaPaglia as Jack`s Attorney, Jürgen Prochnow as Klaus (as Juergen Prochnow), Lauren Tom as Angel, Elizabeth Barondes as Hope, Carole Davis as Rita X (as Carole Raphaelle Davis), Navi Rawat as Ruby, Grey DeLisle as Estella, Gia Carides as Georgia, Gabe Kaplan as Richie, Alma Avery as Cassie, Tracey Walter as Mortician, Brigitta Dau as Cathy, Pedro Shanahan as Pierre (as Pedro Shannahan), Gabriella Ricketts as Juliet, Nina Ameri as Cafe Girl, Ashley Baer as Cafe Girl, Alicia Borrego as Cafe Girl, Anna Lobell as Cafe Girl, Elaine Nicell as Cafe Girl, Nicole Feenstra as Cafe Girl, Cari Shayne as Cafe Girl, Alizabeth Denman as Studio Model, Fiona Angus as Beach Model, Kim Haegle as Orgy Girl (as Kim Haegley), Kayla Allen as Orgy Girl
Run Time : 85 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Jack is a womanizer, on the variegated hand settles drink along furthermore Faith. When the matrimony falls apart thanks to Jack`s hunger as women, he gets common custody of his son. Living along furthermore his son, little by little subjects inside the mentality of Jack are changing.
Jack is a glorious photographer who has frequently been a womanizer. But at solitary pilot inside his existence he requests to peaceful down. He marries Faith with as one they submit to a son, Sam. But stuffs aren`t executing out that in any case since the two, owing to Jack`s energetic executing life, grow apart numerous with more. When Jack can`t manipulate himself anymore with starts an business plus Hope, the matrimony is over. Faith moves to London to marry the looking good Klaus with requests to receive Sam plus her. But Jack requests his child plus him with both accept since truthful that to reciprocal custody. Jack taste given that grown-ups doesn`t vanish, save for breathing beside his child progressively brings a vary inside him.

Jack the Dog (2001)
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