How to Stop Being a Loser (2011)

Director : Dominic Burns
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Richard E. Grant as Ian, Billy Murray as Dr. Leaner, Colin Salmon as Dr. Learner, Gemma Atkinson as Hannah, Keeley Hazell as Kirsty, Martin Compston as Adam, Sheridan Smith as Lisa, Adele Silva as Zara, Simon Phillips as James, Stephanie Leonidas as Patch, Craig Conway as Ampersand, Martin Kemp as Zeus, Sophie-Larissa Houghton as Kelly-Ann, Jill Halfpenny as Suzy, Neil Maskell as Hands Henry, Rita Ramnani as Jenny, Nicola Posener as Emma, Dominic Burns as Neil, Lisamarie Kakuya as Kissing Couple, Nick Thomas-Webster as Vicar, Johnny Lynch as Barry, David Easter as Mr. Johnson, Marcia Do Vales as Brazilian Party Girl, Baz Salam as Barman, Peter Barrett as Pete, Tyrone Jeffers as Pub customer, Grace Vallorani as Claire, Natalie Louise Garcia as Adam`s Girlfriend, Chris Grezo as Tom, Lucas Yashere as LAWYER, Jim Ford as Bigoted Cabbie, Terry Shipton as Angry Mourner, Danielle Bentley as Roxanne, Ben Probert as Angry Mourner / Patch`s Brother, Faith Tarby as Pub Regular, Dani Thompson as Bambi, Emma Buckley as Clarissa, Andrew Turner as Kissing Couple, Sally Bosman as Mourner, Jamie Langthorne as Guy, Rebecca Oakley as Waitress, Tracey Greenwood as Kissing Couple, Jaspal Badwell as Kissing Club Girl, Freddie Lee Peterkin as Lawyer in the pub, Damien McPhillips as Security Guard 1, Darren Luckin as Angry mourner, Christine Edwards as Old Prostitute, Elise Quevedo as Pub Regular, Nina Field as Barmaid, Michelle Somerszaule as Pub Patron, Shaun Lucas as Party Guest, Stacey John Wood as Clubber
Plot : Plot not found!!
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : UK
Company : Black & Blue Films