High School (2010)

Director : John Stalberg
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Adrien Brody as Psycho Ed, Michael Chiklis as Principle Gordon, Colin Hanks as Brandon Ellis, Matt Bush as Henry Burke, Cody Longo as Chad, Sean Marquette as Travis Breaux, Adhir Kalyan as Sebastian Saleem, Mykelti Williamson as Paranoid, Yeardley Smith, Michael Vartan as Calculus Teacher, Curtis Armstrong as Mr. Thompson, Luis Chávez as Big Dave, Alicia Sixtos as Sharky Ovante, Max Van Ville as Little Dave, Mary Birdsong as Mrs. Gordon, Julia Ling as Charlyne, Camille Mana as Dana, Brett Kelly as Martin Gordon, George Back as Malcolm, Andrew Wilson as Hippie Dude, Erica Vittina Phillips as Tameka, Joseph Julian Soria as Rubin, Nadine Crocker as Spaced-Out Emo Girl, Kelli Rasmus as Hippie Chick, Kevin Yon as Mr. Cavanaugh, Robert Bailey Jr. as Jeffery, John Beard as News Desk Reporter, Shirley Benyas as Older Female Donor, Kerry Birmingham as Female Reporter, Linda Boston as Head Nurse, Carl Harry Carlson as Donor #1, Rhys Coiro as Vato, John Bryant Davila as High School Student, Mike Eshaq as Lead Terrorist, Mike Evans as Donor #3, Randall Godwin as Donor #2, David Herbst as School Security Guard, Heather Kleisner as Henry`s Mom, Sammy A. Publes as Cook #2, Rachel Quaintance as Angry Parent #1, Heather Elizabeth Regan as Sexy Cheerleader, Wyatt Russell as Drug PSA Stoned Teenager, Rene Santana as Cook #1, Clarence Smith as Chess Opponent, Emily Sutton-Smith as Mrs. Breaux, Barret Swatek as Female News Desk Reporter, Billye Thompson as Cop #1, Ron Ayers as Lawn Dude, Alex Biats as Rival Contestant, Nicole Blaszczyk as Student, Kyle Colton as High School Student, Josh Costell as Jock, Adam DeFilippi as Little Dave`s Friend, D.B. Dickerson as Stoned High School Student, Sabrina Dungan as High School Student, Penny Gibbs as School Admin, David Gibson as Patient in the Institute for the Morally Deviant, Dave Kilgore as Parent in Car, Adam Lorenz as Dwayne Reynolds, Bill Lumbert as Concerned Parent, Curtis Matzke as Customer, Misty Mills as Teacher, Kathi Moore as Librarian, Karl Murphy as Band Teacher, Tiffany Osborne as High School Student, Jerry Reid as High School Student, Buck Ryan as Honors Student, Joe Sacksteder as News Cameraman, Morris Lee Sullivan as Teacher, Steven Sutherland as Academy Student, Joe Tinpan as Terrorist, Peter Tocco as Angry Parent #2, Amanda Wright as High School Student
Plot : A expensive list valedictorian who gets baked and the local stoner finds himself the focus of a treatment test. The state causes him to fix an ambitious arrange to obtain his conclude graduating brand to countenance the unchanged fate, with fail.
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Parallel Media

High School (2010)
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