Good Hands (2001)

Director : Peeter Simm
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Cast : Rezija Kalnina as Margita, Lembit Ulfsak as Adolf, Tõnu Kark as Dr. Lepik, Tiit Sukk as Arnold, Atis Tenbergs as Pavo, Maija Apine as Oksana, Leonarda Klavina as Evija, Gert Raudsep as Indrek (as Gert Raudsepp), Regnars Vaivars as Arturs, Lauri Nebel as Peeter, Aleksander Okunev as Truck driver, Kristel Elling as Lady in TV show, Laine Mägi as Show hostess, Margus Prangel as Archie, Janek Joost as Wello, Elina Reinold as Nurse, Aarne Soro as Border guard (as Arne Soro), Dainis Gadelis as Police officer in Latvia, Uldis Dumpis, Svetlana Bless, Linda Skaistlauka, Aksels Ilmars Ozolins
Run Time : 92 min
Country : Estonia | Latvia
Language : Estonian | Latvian | Russian
The Estonians along with Latvians converge manpower inside this together created Baltic comedy just about warmth along with theft centering on light-fingered Margita…
The Estonians in addition to Latvians meet manpower inside this together made Baltic comedy with respects to tenderness in addition to theft centering on light-fingered Margita. Everything in addition to whatsoever that hasn`t been nailed to the corner winds conscious inside her possession – whether it`s a wallet belonging to a passer-by or a Jeep. But the check are on to her in addition to the modes of Riga are becoming certainly alittle exceedingly hazardous since Margita these years (played by going up Latvian superstar Rezija Kalninca). She decides to crush camp in addition to hitchhike her drive conscious north on us to recreation at alittle locality communicated with Vineeri inside Estonia, where she before long finds herself searching subsequent to an comprehensive household, let alone three folks in addition to a petite boy. When one in every of one another turns out to troth a check officer, seductive Margita solves the trouble by becoming his lover. Before prolonged the folks start up to catch suspicious: it seems that there`s a thief inside the house. And thence previous Margita has the chance to troth a mum to the boy, a mate to the policeman, in addition to a female offspring to the two of age codgers, she finds herself moving around again. But this time, she`s fixed by an ad hoc companion.

Good Hands (2001)
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