Gone Shopping (2007)

Director : Li Lin Wee
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Cast : Kym Ng as Clara Wong, Adrian Pang as Valentine Tan, Aaron Kao as Aaron Ho, Sonya Nair as Renu Balakrishnan Robin Moran as Hairdresser, Selena Tan as Pat Huang
Run Time : 100 min
Filming Locations : Singapore
Country : Singapore
Language : English | Mandarin | Tamil | Malay
A satirical drama on the focus of how a nation`s preoccupation in addition to go on a spree facilitate the road of only woman`s life…
A satirical drama almost how a nation`s mania also go shopping alters the way of single woman`s life. Clara, a forty once a year ancient `tai tai` (wealthy grown man of leisure) faces a mid existence disaster in addition to decides to absconder to the sole neighborhood that has still meant any logic to her – the go shopping centres. As she lives there, Clara half-breeds procedures also variegated `creatures` of the mall, namely Renu, an eight-year ancient latchkey baby who has been forlorn by her parents inside a 24 hour shopping mall in addition to Aaron, an angst-y twenty three once a year ancient who skives make effort to hang out at the shopping mall also his friends. Together, these personalities steer addressees ended a roadway downstream of love, kicking of the bucket in addition to assuagement ended the mind of Singapore where they value that their dreams could troth paid for in addition to broken.

Gone Shopping (2007)
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