Gimme Kudos (2005)

Director : Jianxin Huang
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Hao Chen as Ouyang Hua, Yong Dong as Chief policeman, Wei Fan as Yang Hongqi, Han-Lin Gong as Boss, Mei Hei as Policewoman, Hao Ju as Policeman, Fan Liao as Tan Wei, Zifeng Liu as Editor, Pu Miao as Mi Yi, Zhiwen Wang as Gu Guoge, Baogang Zhao
Run Time : 95 min
Filming Locations : China
Country : China
Language : Mandarin
Old-fashioned, middle-aged Yang Hongqi claims that on a rainy nighttime he backed up a university coed from…
Old-fashioned, middle-aged Yang Hongqi claims that on a rainy middle of the night he protected a university coed indulge in the danger of sexual violence on the outer points in time of Nanjing city. He shortly begs Gu Guoge, someone writer at Nanjing Newspaper, since public kudos inside the press. At foremost Gu ignores the outrageous request, however pushed by Yang`s distressed in addition to tenacious outlook Gu begins to scrutinize verifying the case. Finally he finds the victim, Ouyang Hua however no witness. Later, it is unearthed why Yang seeks thus desperately to broadcast his heroics: extolled for a cast of a federal government laborer, his father has lived along furthermore immeasurable medals in addition to commendations on the obstacle of his fatherland in addition to requests to hang Yang`s commendation on the obstacle earlier than his death.

Gimme Kudos (2005)
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