Getting Back to Zero (2011)

Director : Roger Roth
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Cast : Nathan Anderson as Derek, Alexis Arquette as Judy, Laura Azevedo as Cheyenne, Christina Cindrich as Pamela, Amato DApolito as Dealer, Charles Dirden III as James, Jim Dowd as Frankie, Al Galvez as Davey, Sean Hampton as Bobby, Olivia Hardt as Nikki, Jade Harlow as Ashley, Azel James as Lee, Reggie Jernigan as Mikey, Wally Lozano as Duke, Stephen Marcus as Tommy, Davenia McFadden as Babs, Wayne Newton as Bruce, David Ray as Bud`s Friend, Russell Richardson as Steven, Natalie Denise Sperl as Julie Snake Eyes, Debbie Sperry as Underground Base Dealer #3, Shawn Stockman as Shaun, Jason Street as Hops, Chaz Divon Tolbert as Marcus, Nathan Wetherington as Charlie, Ric Young as Big Boss Man
Plot : Two brothers reconcile their relationship more than the demise of their father subsequent to they inherit his craps table as nonetheless as bookmaking debt. A murky comedy compilation inside the universe of underground casinos.
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Waterline Pictures

Getting Back to Zero (2011)
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