From Belgrade with Love (2010)

Director : Rasha Miljkovich
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Cast : Pavle Alic as Paja, Radovanka Miljkovic as Ratka, Darko Miljkovich as Tosha, Rasha Miljkovich as Rasha, Lazar Rockwood as Laza, Radomir Vasic as Rudi
Run Time : 90 min
Country : Canada | Serbia
Language :
A prominent Hollywood player Lazar similarly looking for a great show duty out of the blue stumbles upon his ancient colleague Rasha…
A eminent Hollywood player Lazar similarly on the take care for a precise movie plan inadvertently stumbles upon his older comrade Rasha, just once a really triumphant businessman. Rasha regrettably dropped the full thing the content he just once felt as anyways as is disappeared to talk wildly the procedures for a beggar. Accidentally Lazar reached Rasha, decides to save someone’s bacon him as anyways as casts him a producer as his upcoming project. However Rasha is inside enquiry as his lengthy dropped fondness Ratka, as anyways as requests to style a movie along furthermore Lazar, if the player aids him to depart do a person a favour to his native Belgrade as anyways as give assistance to him inside ascertaining Ratka, as anyways as pay as his decisive wedding. Can an enquiry as a precise film, as anyways as an enquiry as a precise fondness join these older friends?

From Belgrade with Love (2010)
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