FreeLance (2007)

Director : Drew Sawyer
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Bob Kunkel as Elliott Gillespie / Lance Windchaser, Sean Mann as Roy Henry Ringold, Jackson Williamson as Toby, Tim Hensely as Rod Reel, Nichole Harrison as Escort Deboria Arrant as Priest, Trip Barnes as Intern, Corly Bryant as Intern, Mike Burton as Pineapple Man, Bee Chidsey as Brew Stealer, Laura Evans as Intern, Julie Anne Franklin as Jogger, Jazlyn M. Green as Fundraiser girl, Jon Ingram as Country Gentleman, Prerry Lucas as Brew Stealer, Rebecca Maddox as Mourner / Cookie Lady, Sarah Pruett as Intern, James Schroeder as Park Avenger, Melissa Smathers as Mrs. Guillespe, Linda Smith as Cat Lady, Mike Smith as Big Hole Man, Jamie Steinbrugge as Brew Stealer, Sean Wulf as Dream Sequence Bank Robber, Yokenon Zoberist as Brew Stealer, Yoram Zoberist as Brew Provider
Run Time : USA:63 min
Filming Locations : Rome, Georgia, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Elliot Guillespsie dreams of human being the worlds most eminent investigative reporter, ala his idol, Rod Reel…
Elliot Guillespsie dreams of human being the worlds most eminent investigative reporter, ala his idol, Rod Reel. A overwhelming project taking into account he is both camera gentleman as anyways as reporter, can`t drive, as anyways as likewise lives inside his mother`s basement. Further complicating matters is Roy Henry who, because Elliot`s formative years bully tortured the boy, as anyways as is nowadays a born over again Christian/recovering alcoholic looking for forgiveness. He is yet envisioning Elliot`s mother. Elliot escapes an impractical conjugal continuation inside the guise of Lance Windchaser, his journalistic alter-ego. He enlists Toby, a suburban taxi driver, to engagement his cameraman, which Toby accepts inside a shot to get away his own hellacious conjugal life. The two transform unlikely friends, as anyways as patrol the channel of their suburban conjugal hunting for the gigantic scoop. Problem is, news bulletin inside the petite city is cleanly firm to transpire by. This pulls off not dissuade Elliot`s enthusiasm, as anyways as he finds colossal en inside telling the more or less mundane of stories. His conjugal continuation continues to get worse because his pledge to the news bulletin supersedes the comprehensive thing of his distinctive responsibilities. When he receives a letter loves his idol ridiculing his efforts, Elliot snaps, as anyways as begins a psychotic vandalism/reporting bender whose consequences may perhaps alright accept Elliot to genuinely MAKE the news.

FreeLance (2007)
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