Feast of Burden (2012)

Director : Eugene Kotlyarenko
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Lauren Avery as Saab Moonroof, Elisha Drons as Ford Taurus, Paul Gellman as Petey Cruzer, Hannah Hunt as Mercedes, Kim as The Prowler, Eugene Kotlyarenko as Jimmy Yukon, Morgan Krantz as Benzamin, Carlos Morera as Spider Ferrari, Cally Robertson as Alexis, LaPorscha Wynne as La Porscha, Tsien-Tsien Zhang as Kia Rio
Run Time : 46 min
Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A assortment of older friends bring together as a ceremonial dinner filled with sinister secrets, mystifying forces furthermore tragic consequences.
A range of getting on friends attend the banquet loves hell, where secrets are revealed, nightmares are satisfied along with at the least only duck flies. Somewhere between the eerie real world of David Lynch along with the fringe weirdness of John Waters is the outrageous nation-state haunted by "Feast of Burden."

Feast of Burden (2012)
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