Fat Cats (2005)

Director : Adam Salazar
Genre : Comedy
Cast : David Brown as Rocco, Mike Hodge as Sgt. Blocker, Kaiese Johnson as Lauryn Foxx, Trevor Long as Prison inmate, Jim Malone III as Bubba Irons, Frank Mayers as Mack Steele, Pierre O`Farrell as Ramon Alovera, Shawn M. Richardz as Female Pimp, Jacinto Taras Riddick as Guillermo, Stu `Large` Riley as Tubby Large (as Stu Large), Andre Royo as Number Man, Daniel Sauli as Jimmy Royale, Ted Sutton as Judge Baddin
Run Time : USA:72 min
Country : USA
Language : English
The decade is the 1970`s, the city is New York. The policies are over-run also pimps, pushers, along with thieves…
The decade is the 1970`s, the city is New York. The tracks are over-run also pimps, pushers, with thieves. Even the keep an eye on are useless opposed to the merciless misdemeanor supervisor Tubby Large. With no selections left, Sgt Blocker people the Fat Cats off the tracks to disagreement misdemeanor since undercover agents. This performance filled premise is the infusing power at the back of the small screen television phenomenon, Fat Cats. Fat Cats – the film throws up `the pilot` phase of this non-existent series, furthermore a souvenir daytime mocumentary explore the cultural impact this 1970`s performance installments in addition has on American pop-culture. Filled also funk music, black leather, with exploding el Dorados, Fat Cats is a joyful celebration of the Americana that bordered the chief small screen television be along the universe certainly not really saw!

Fat Cats (2005)
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