Every Dog`s Day (2005)

Director : Andy Biscontini
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Kevin Auzenne as Agent 2, Nadia Bowers as Deli lady, Nick Brooks as Agent 1, Alison Lynn Caldwell as Bonnie`s boss, Steve Cuiffo as Jay, Stella Czernsky as Stella, Jesse Epstein as Carly, John Fukuda as Danny, Jacob Held as Matt, Eleanor Hutchins as Bonnie, Elyas Khan as Haroun, C.S. Lee as Mr. Kim, Philippe Cu Leong as Phil, Edna Leshowitz as Gina, Steven Randazzo as Russo, Isabel Robayo as Gracia, Lola Rock`N`Rolla as Bar friend, Reena Shah as Samira, Stacey Swift as Bartender, C.K. Thomas as Convict, Kendra Ware as Donata
Run Time : USA:70 min
Country : USA
Language : English
When a vocalizing Indian shirt-manufacturing heir affords $30,000 since a green-card wife, it spark a supporting frenzy in the midst of a brand of down-and-out hustlers to broker a marriage.
Set critical the backdrop of New York City because it was as well reeling inside the wake of September 11 spilt second the struggle inside Iraq was whirling out of direct half a planet away, "Every Dog`s Day" is directly a loving tribute to in addition to stinging satire of the tolerance of trivial cash squabbles in addition to relationships of the sensitivity inside far-reaching times, in addition to a tragically odd knick-knack that assorted groups of people by no means learn.

Every Dog`s Day (2005)
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