Entry Level (2007)

Director : Douglas Horn
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Cast : D.B. Sweeney as Clay, Missi Pyle as Liz, Cedric Yarbrough as Sam, Lisa Ann Walter as Kathie, Steve Ryan as Bob, Taylor Negron as Charlie, Kurtwood Smith as Nick, Dan Southworth as Vince Stallen, L. Lauren Rand as Gabriella, Joe Sabatino as Foreman, Tate Hanyok as PDA Applicant, Anthony Giangrande as Typist Applicant, Eric Pumphrey as Spelling Applicant, Kirby Heyborne as Video Game Manager, Tom Beyer as Team Oriented Manager, John Stuart West as Consciousness Expanding Manager (as John West), Matthew Wolf as Hit Me Manager, Megan Blakeley as Spelling Test Manager, Tommy Wilson-O`Brien as Xerographic Excellence Manager Christina Rosas Anastasiou as Receptionist, Alex Perez as Butcher, Adam Davis as Sandwich-Eating Applicant, Mike Dennert as Chef #1, Jon Edwards as Guy with stapler, Francis Sinatra as Chef #2
Run Time : USA:85 min
Filming Locations : Los Angeles, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A 38-year aged previous chef starts everywhere another time as soon as he canvasses as entry-level incorporated jobs–and can`t find one.
After down his restaurant, chef CLAY MAGUIRE must appearance his profession the total lot over–at the bottom. Pushing forty as well as no "corporate skill-set", Clay enters the peculiar globe of the Unemployable Interviewees of America. He rapidly meets others who portion his plight–LIZ, who used up her childhood on the road inside the Peace Corp with nowadays finds that skill digging wells inside Bangladesh isn`t closely whatsoever business America is clamoring for; BOB a creating engineer who squandered his pension once the agency went bust with nowadays finds that 64 is exaggeratedly elderly to get your workforce on hired for an administrative associate with exaggeratedly little because a Wal-Mart greeter; with CHARLIE, who`s career for a business enlisting person-in-charge is consequently down that he exclusively hires interviewees he hates since acting at his agency should troth a kind of punishment. Spurred along by the whole lack of encouragement by his career counsel SAM, the self-serving "wisdom" of his destitute male relative NICK, with the more or less remarkable parts of career researches imaginable, Clay with his dude job-seekers strive because dignity, success, or leastwise a career capturing client facility demands delight in detention center inmates because minimum wage. A hilarious, insightful inspect career interviews, detecting the bravery to appearance the total lot over, with existence at the ENTRY LEVEL.