Employee of the Month (2006)

Director : Greg Coolidge
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Cast : Dane Cook as Zack, Jessica Simpson as Amy, Dax Shepard as Vince, Andy Dick as Lon, Tim Bagley as Glen Gary, Brian George as Iqbal, Efren Ramirez as Jorge, Marcello Thedford as Semi, Danny Woodburn as Glen Ross, Harland Williams as Russell, Sean Whalen as Dirk, Barbara Dodd as Granny (as Barbara Dodd Ramsen), Victor Izay as Greeter (Jerry), Marc Mouchet as Gene, Kathleen Arc as Grumpy Lady, John Hardman as Balding Customer, Deryle J. Lujan as Checker #1 (as Deryle Lujan), Adriana Cordova as Checker #2, Jenny Gabrielle as Checker #3, Emily Sandberg as Young Mom, Cece Renn as Young Hot Mom, Taylor Warden as Lost Boy, Susse Budde as Lost Kid`s Mom, Ann Kulich as Food Vendor, Shirly Brener as Attractive Woman (Eyeglasses), Donna Cromer as Attractive Woman (Check Out), Charmaine Rae as Lily (10 Years Older) (as Charmaine Rea), Alison Raimondi as Waitress, William Sterchi as Umpire, Tate Michael McDonald as Boy, Gina McDonald as Mom, Robin Timpanaro as Hot Mom in Line, James Blackburn as Employee, Jeremy Burnell as Employee / Shopper, Dave Colon as SuperCenter Employee, Harp Corrigan as Store Patron, Scott Flick as Employee, Rana Morrison as Customer, Fred Resler as Shopper, Brian T Short as Catcher
Plot : When he hears that the different opposite sex staff digs ambitious kinsfolk who are the departmental store staff of the month, a slacker gets his behavior joined excluding finds himself inside contest as well as his rival, an ambitious co-worker.
Run Time : 103 min
Country : USA
Company : Lionsgate

Employee of the Month (2006)
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