Denim Heat (2010)

Genre : Comedy
Cast : Adam Young as Dale Denim, Danielle Towne as Valerie Rubbins, Kurt Finney as Chucky Chesnut Vinny Berry as Angry Man, Matt Burnett as Drake Foffinbottom, Derek Caldwell as Gang Member, Malani Coomes as Girl Gang Leader, Rachel Coomes as Girl Gang Member, Jordan Dunn as Boyfriend Fan, Danny Fernandez as Crazed Fan, Dan Foster as Oli Olbrook, Caitlin Gold as Girlfriend Fan, Ryan W. Healy as Gang Member, Will Huskey as Driver, Wendy McColm as Angry Woman, Patrick McLaughlin as Space Robot, Nick Papageorge as Gang Member, Zach Reino as Roy Burgawitz, Brittany Richards as Alien Woman, Brenton Sinay as Coach, Chris Teregis as Jeff Landy, Michael Elko Weaver as Rim Cromwell (as Michael Weaver), Dane White as Rod Firestein, Jonathan Winnick as Gang Member
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language : English
Come in conjunction with me, Rim Cromwell, for I discover an extra forgotten body of work, the real world of `Grind Films`…
Come at the nearby of me, Rim Cromwell, since I hit upon an additional forgotten body of work, the universe of `Grind Films`. Watch in no way previous realized footage also questions and main members of the films. Will we hold the long-lasting occupied director Ollie Olbreck, will we ascertain why these films were `Buried inside Time?

Denim Heat (2010)
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