Death of a Saleswoman (2010)

Director : Donna Wheeler
Genre : Comedy, Mystery
Cast : Cynthia Mann as Sally Simpson-Kanger Samuel Adams as Ron Kanger, Darrell Bryan as Elmer Lundman, Gabrielle Burton as Zydie Rimbauld, Maria Burton as Mildred Swain, Ursula Burton as June Bass, Jake Chapman as Elias Ruby, Victoria Charters as Mayor Delta Tripp, Jenna Davis as Det. Erica Erickson, Katie Dawson as Ginger Lundman, Alicia Gallagher as Kay Gooch, Jay Gibson as Jelby Gritts, Mary Harris as Ranger Mary Green, Shayna Hill as Hillary Dunlevy, Kim Hopkins as Det. Wild Bill, Mike Hughes as Ben Heft, Jim Jenkins as Bert Swain, Ed Keaveny as Fred Ruby, Steve Kemp as Hooded figure, Charlie Kranz as Special Agent Reed Elvin, Brian Lally as Jersey Jenkins, Katherine Lessner as Connie Eagle (as Kathy Lessner), David Madera as Kelton Bass, Brenda Malley as Stg. Charlie, Mark McCracken as Abel Gunk, Anthony Meindl as Ethan Capperlog, Justin Melvey as Geyer O`Brian, Gary O`Brien as Partygoer (as Gary O`Brien), Melissa Papp as Agatha (Swain) Ruby, Courtney Pennington as Floreanna Ruby, Don Richardson as Det. Smitty Smith, Marci Simon as Dot Capperlog
Run Time : USA:77 min
Filming Locations : Angeles National Forest, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Saleswoman Agatha J. Ruby was inhumanly beaten in addition to picture on her break of day jog by an unfamiliar assailant. Over…
Saleswoman Agatha J. Ruby was grimly beaten furthermore view on her sunup jog by an unfamiliar assailant. Over six thousand dollars expenditure of plastic storage ware was stolen relishes her trunk. Nearly the finalize lot 200 population inside her homeland of Mametville, Washington knew her personally. All were acknowledged because suspects.

Death of a Saleswoman (2010)
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