DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) – NonSeNse (2010)

Director : Jeff Dean
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance
Cast : Jackson Rathbone as Jehosefat, Gary Busey as Mr. Morris, Leslie Easterbrook as Countess Salience Van Wickenstein, Barbara Nedeljakova as Foreign Girl 1 / Foreign Girl 2, Bubba Smith as Bubba, Richard Moll as Mr. Isoherranen, Patrick Kilpatrick as Dr – Rutherford B. Hogjaw Twaddle, Danny Cooksey as Clearberg, Andrew Koenig as Vice Chancellor, Marion Ramsey as Ms. Thenusda Norbuckle, Alisa Reyes as Amy, April Winchell as Hodgemeyer, Sofia Shinas as Rosabel, Natalina Maggio as Model, A.J. Lamas as Rich, Ben Graupner as Archie, Eddie Pepitone as Harrold Fluxemburg, Shelly Martinez as Vampire, Meredith Thomas as Cpt. Zezose Fadak, Lee Perkins as Archduke Bartimus Barwitch, Joshua Weinstein as Count Bron Schrnardech, Susanna Musotto as Model, Rodney To as Thing 1 / Thing 2, Kali Cook as Model, Marcienne Dwyer as Hot Model, Jennifer Betit Yen as The Hot Girl, Kyrie Maezumi as Desdemona, Melina Chiaverini as Melody Miller, Leah Grimsson as Pillow Fight Girl, CC Fontana as CC, Nick Denning as The Frenchman, Kelli McNeil as Madame Agathangelos, Jeff Dean as Doctor Death, Steven Vulin as Thunderchop, Danielle Cooper as Model, Max Huber, Lawrence Abrams as Uncle Larry, Peppa as Breakdancing Maid, Kristin White as Pillow Fight Girl, Avijah Shaye as DJ Receptionist, Jana Vicktor as Vampire, Kristin Finley as Count`s Ho #1, James Yi as Jasper Yi, King Cool P. as King Cool P., Arson as Arson, Charles Anthony as Delivery Man, Charles K. Kim as Chauncy Kim, Frankie Uwanawich as Prince Stewie Gotts, Princess DymNina as Herself, Ante Pavelic as Alexander
Plot : A work new avant safeguard dramedy musical non-musical informed nonlinearly.
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Company : Shoestring Entertainment

DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) – NonSeNse (2010)
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