Creative Differences (2010)

Director : Loren E. Chadima
Release Date : 2010
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Cast : Justin Shilton as Jim, Dennis Haskins as Tom, Ajay Vidure as Avi, Marcellina Walker as Heather, Joshua Alba as Junior, Mary E. Kennedy as Erma, Conrad Bachmann as Sheriff Galt, Dorothy Blyskal as Lamaze mother, Dylan Bocanegra as Teen at pajama party, Renonda Bray as Lamaze mother with Gay dads, Gary Cannon as Lamaze father, James Chambliss as Bartender, Tania Damha as Lamaze mother, Elizabeth Davis as Pretty blonde woman at pajama party, T.J. Doona as Inseminator blanket, Jeanette Driver as Lamaze mother, Molly Beck Ferguson as Genie, E.M. Fredric as Nazi Lamaze Instructor (as Eva-Marie Fredric), Kristina Fredrick as Teenager at pajama party, Paul Hungerford as David, Paul Jacek as Ross, Jessica James as Director of Development, Rachel James as Lamaze mother, John M. Keating as Lloyd (as John Keating), Giuseppe Losavio as Gay Lamaze father, Steve Maison as Lamaze father, Mark Morgan as Bandit, Susanna Musotto as Lamaze mother, Jim Rogers as Gay Lamaze father, Peter Sherayko as Bandit, Maz Siam as Kurdoff at pajama party, David St. James as Dick, Chelsea Taylor as Helen, Richard Tyson as Bandit
Plot : Plot not found!!
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
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Creative Differences (2010)
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