Crazy Richard (2002)

Genre : Comedy
Cast : Billy Amarantos as Ambulance Officer, Lankesh Aponso as Miss Nikita, Allison Byrne as Ashes Sprinkler, Gerard Cogley as Film Executive, Dylan Ettridge as Richard Veed (8 years old), Nick Farnell as Nick Farnail, Dean Francis as Dean Franzis, Jason Gould as News Crew, Sam Gvozdic as Detective, Paul Harris as Radio Interviewer, Adam Howden as Documentary Cameraman, Nathan King as Priest, Katrina Mathers as Katrina Matters, Natasha Maugueret as E.Y.T. Presenter, Dominic McDonald as Sitcom Producer, Mike McLeish as Tribute Special Host, Michael Reed as Richard`s Manager, Nik Salter as Bonnie`s Mother, Bernadette Schwerdt as Journalist, Kyne Sedgman as Ambulance Officer, Bonnie Smith as Bonnie, Geoffrey Smith as Soap Actor, Steven Stagg as Detective, Richard Viede as Ex-Child Star, David Withers as News Crew
Run Time : 64 min
Country : Australia
Language : English
At eight existence old, Richard Veed was the highest settled with more or less fashionable famous person on television. Five existence later…
At eight life old, Richard Veed was the highest spent along with some trendy big name on television. Five life later, he passed through a near-fatal treatment overdose along with was straight away forgotten. Now, adults 21, Richard aims to recall to mind the appearance since a promiscuous gay little adolescent inside a late-night sitcom. A juvenile filmmaker, Katrina Matters, is hired to add in the rear of the scenes of Richard`s greenhorn make it along with becomes distorted inside the drama of his factual life. It is her function that will accurately reveal Richard to the public, inside graphic along with appaling detail. As the cameras roll, the strain builds along with Katrina`s voyeurism pushes the fallen angel exceedingly far… Crazy Richard is the lethal real-life tale of the supernova of a star.